Rules to join Secret Santa 2017

  1. Every Participants will fill in their wish-list with 3 games, TWO of which must priced within RM199 – RM299 (before the discount). You can use  ( RETAIL price for reference). You can put whichever game on your third wishlist…But it depends whether your Santa will buy for you 🙂
  2. After the registration deadline (9 Dec 2017), each of you will receive a secret Santa with his/her wish of games. All games for this gift exchange MUST BE BOUGHT in Meeples. Meeples will give you 30% discount, and the games will be kept in Meeples for their safekeeping!
  3. You will receive an email from us once your Santa has bought your gift! However, you too need to buy your gift for you to be eligible to your gift.
  4. All Purchases must be done before 17 Dec 2017 to be eligible for the participation
  5. On the day itself (19 Dec 2017 at 8pm). Drop by at Meeples at 8pm to have fun gift exchanging!
  6. A reminder, We only accommodate a maximum of 50  people for this event!